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From: Extreme Inferno
Subject: Extreme Inferno Chapter 3NOTE: This story is purely fictional and doesn't anything about the
sexuality of Landon, Mike, Brad, Derrick, Dan, Darrell, Karamo, pre teen child lolitas Abram and
CT."Inferno 2", "Real World" and "Road Rules" are copyright and trademark of
MTV.Thanks to Nick for the tips and ideas!CHAPTER THREE:
That night, Mike was suffering from a bit of insomnia. After tossing and
turning in his bed, he got up and walked a bit around the house. In the
living room, he searched for something to read but felt he had to get
something to eat or drink first.As Mike walked little lolitas pics into the kitchen and flipped on the light, he was followed
in by a scantily-clad Dan. After grabbing his snack from the fridge, Mike
walked to the huge kitchen window and stared out at the stars. When Dan
approached him with his own snack, Mike felt him brush up against his
shoulder. He didn't care, and kept staring at the moon outside as he and
Dan barely whispered, so as not to disturb the others.Unconsciously, the guys had moved closer and closer to each other so that
their sides were now completely brushing. Wearing only boxers, the pair of
studs discussed what prevented them from sleeping. Actually, it was more
Dan listening to Mike as Dan didn't want to talk about it, until Mike
continued to press the issue and Dan finally snapped."Trust me, Dan. I'll keep it a secret between you and I, don't worry,"
Mike whispered to Dan."Well, you see, Mike, I've been a bit of slut lately. I mean I did
something and I shouldn't have. The guy totally rejects me, I hate it."
Dan stood looking out the window in shame."What did you do, dude? And, most importantly, I guess, do I know the
guy?" Mike asked as he turned to face Dan."Oh, it was no big pre lolita non nudes
deal. I just sucked him off, but I felt sorta pressured
to do it. I admit it, I wanted Ab... the guy ... but his reaction was just
so negative...ya know... And I think Darrell and Karamo know it, I don't
think it's safe ya know..." Dan managed to stammer out."Man, if any of those guys piss you off just tell me. I'll talk to them,"
Mike reassured Dan as they stood facing each other in the kitchen."No, Mike. I didn't tell you this to get protection.""Dan, I've known you for a few years now and I think you're a good friend.
I don't see why I should tolerate seeing you hurt. I mean, I'd feel really
bad if they decided to beat the shit out of you or naked lolita16 year old know?
Because you'd have warned me.""Mike, listen. You asked what bothered me, I told you. Now, just don't
mess with this. It's like not I was really scared of something. I'm more,
like, mad at myself first and foremost because I gave Abram a blowjob and I
can't stand that he ignores me now. Of course, I never expected anything
between us but at least he should look at me in the eyes."At that very moment, Mike noticed a hair had fallen onto Dan's right
pec. Grabbing it with his fingers, he got carried away for a second and
brought his hand behind Dan's head so that he could little lolitas wearing panties bring him over for a
kiss."Not bad for a straight..." Dan started to say before Mike cut him off."Fuck that. Now, let's just be two dudes having fun..."Dan couldn't believe it! He leaned against the counter as Mike knelt down
and pulled his underwear off. God, this is how he had wished this ended
with Abram... "And damn! Where the hell had he learned to suck cock?" Dan
asked himself loudlyFucking Mike's hungry mouth, Dan had to stop to avoid cumming too soon.
Besides, it couldn't be real. He'd wake up soon, surely."Dude, hop up on the counter and let me get working on your meat too," Dan
said to Mike between soft grunts and moans. With that, Mike stripped off
his black boxer briefs and hopped up onto the marble counter, his cock
already hard and laying on his stomach. As he leaned back on his elbows,
Mike received some of the best head he'd ever gotten. Hell, he couldn't
remember any girl who was as good as Dan! He thought to himself, "Abram
was such an asshole! How could he not return the favor to something like
this? Especially when Dan was....what the hell was he doing now!?"Dan had turned his attention to Mike's gorgeous bubble butt, which was
nearly hairless. He tongued Mike's tight pink hole and eventually slid a
well spit-lubed finger into his ass slowly, which caused Mike to grunt and
moan a bit and his cock to start to drip some serious precum. Mike was on
Cloud 9, but wasn't ready to cum quite yet. He decided to take a chance
with Dan that he hadn't taken in a long time."Fuck me, Dan! My hole is yours. I want that dick of yours inside my hot
ass!"Those words were too much for Dan. How could this incredibly
straight-acting and straight-looking stud be so much into gay stuff? The
question haunted his mind as he helped Mike stroke his dick while he
continued to finger his ass to get him opened up enough so Dan could slip
his hard cock inside. After he thought he had done enough work on Mike's
hole, both orally and with his fingers, he lined his 7 1/2 inch dick up
against Mike's hole and slowly started to press his way inside. As the
head started to stretch out Mike's ass, he let out a loud grunt that Dan
hoped wouldn't wake the others. Mike wrapped legs around Dan's toned waist,
allowing Dan to pre teen child lolitas fuck him deeper and harder, rubbing against his g-spot and
providing amazing sensations.Finally, after several minutes of rough pounding, Dan said as quietly as he
could, "Dude, I'm gonna fuckin' shoot my load!" Mike told him to shoot
inside him and before too long, Dan started to unload his big load inside
Mike's tight hole. With that, Mike increased the pace at which he stroked
his cock and Dan moved to massage his balls.As Dan continued to stroke and massage Mike's balls, Mike started to squirm
around on the bed and muttered something about busting a huge nut all over
Dan. With that, ropes and ropes of hot cum spurted out of Mike's cock in
five thick jets, then started to dribble out onto his shaved pubes. Mike
milked the last of his massive load ontp his abs, then thirsty Dan went
down to lick it clean before he kept sucking until Mike started to go soft.As Mike sat up from his laying back position, he saw the light go off in
the bathroom door facing the kitchen. That could only mean one thing...he
and Dan weren't alone.
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